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A Month of Luxury Patagonia
US$8390 / per person
Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Calafate, El Chalten, Bariloche & Ibera Wetland.
30 nights / 31 days
Patagonia & Wine Country
US$3990 / per person
Experience all the natural wonders of Patagonia & Wine country of Argentina
9 Days / 8 Nights
Ideal for culture & nature lovers seeking to discover the nature and beauty of Patagonia as well experiencing the vibrant culture of Santiago & Buenos Aires.
26 Days / 25 Nights

April 2024

Malbec is the emblematic varietal of Argentina, due to the quality and quantity of wines that are produced with this strain in the country. Although it has its origin in France, for several decades Argentina has been the main producer of Malbec globally. International Malbec Day emerged from the growth and evolution of the varietal's production. This was what prompted Wines of Argentina, an entity that promotes Argentine wine in the world, to establish a day in the year to celebrate Malbec and, along with it, also the success of

“Argentinian empanadas are much more than just a simple bite; they are a culinary experience that encapsulates the rich history and culture of Argentina in every mouthful. Originating from Spain and adapted over time to suit the Argentine palate, these delights have become a national gastronomic icon that delights taste buds around the world. In their most classic form, Argentinian empanadas are small portions of thin and crispy pastry, carefully filled with an exquisite mixture of seasoned meat, onion, hard-boiled egg, and green olives, all baked to create a

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