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Bear witness to the immense array of bird & wildlife in this unspoiled part of the planet.
21 days
Explore Perú & Argentina
US$4890 / per person
This package has been designed for those wishing to experience the natural wonders and culture of Peru & Argentina.
13 Days / 12 Nights
Explore Northern Argentina
US$4190 / per person
This tour covers the natural highlights of Northern Argentina.
12 Days / 11 Nights
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Tango & Culture

Relaxing & authentic travel experience of Argentine Tango & Culture

Tango & Culture

US$3390 per person

This 10 day package is designed for Tango enthusiasts seeking an authentic experience of Argentine Tango & Culture.

This 10 day tailor made tour takes you on a Tango holiday to Buenos Aires, where the emphasis will be on learning and performing this most iconic of dances. During the 10 days, there will be daily private Tango lessons, Milonga visits, as well as the chance to explore the city with a local guide.

Tango is a form of ballroom dance that developed in the early 1900’s. Initially performed only by women, it soon evolved into a dance for couples, and it’s known for its sensual movements and intimacy. During your 10 days of dancing, you’ll have one private 90 minute-long lesson and plus access to group lesson each day. Each class starts with a warm up, followed by technical exercises, dance practice and demonstration. There’s no need to come with a partner, as partners can be assigned during the classes.

During the course of the holiday, you will meet many other Tango enthusiasts –  a mix of Argentinians and international Tango students. Your trip includes all Tango classes, tours and activities as listed, as well as nine nights’ accommodation and breakfast in a boutique hotel. Note: this tour caters for all levels from first time beginner to advanced students.

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Day 1: Departure

Departure: tba

Day 2: Arrive Buenos Aires (B)

Arrival: tba
Arrive to Buenos Aires and transfer to CasaSur Palermo Hotel.

Welcome to Buenos Aires

One of Argentina’s top attractions is the leviathan metropolis of Buenos Aires, the most fascinating of all South American capitals. It’s a riveting place just to wander about, people-watching, shopping or simply soaking up the unique atmosphere. Its many barrios (neighborhoods) are startlingly different – some are decadently old-fashioned, others daringly modern – but all of them ooze character. Buenos Aires has got everything: night-life, tango, culture, football, excellent beef and the best local wines.

City Tour

In the afternoon, an English speaking guide will take you on a historical & cultural tour of Buenos Aires that will allow you to discover its spirit, its mystique and its charm. You will visit the historic Virgin of Pilar Church in Recoleta and the adjacent graveyard, where Evitas tomb lies. Other historic areas that we will take you to visit is San Telmo, scene of the English invasions and La Boca, the colorful port area where the football club, Boca Juniors is based. You will also visit the famous landmarks of Buenos Aires City: ¨Plaza de Mayo¨ where the Government House (Pink House) is located, the Metropolitan Cathedral and Cabildo. The guide will provide you with a fascinating insight into the political history and cultural attributes of Argentina.

Day 3 - Day 10: Buenos Aires (B)

Tango Class: There is a saying: "It takes one lesson to learn Tango and a lifetime to improve it." An individual Tango Class is provided for you by experienced Tango teachers for you to experience the passion and sensuality of Tango.

During the course of the holiday, you will have 9 private classes of 1.5 hours

We will also organize for you to take part in group classes every other night and a schedule to visit milongas.

Methodology of the Private Classes?

Theme Selection:

The class begins with a detailed explanation of concepts and technical tango vocabulary. For example, if the subject of study is circular boleos, the teacher will explain the theoretical aspects of the boleos, by focusing on the general principles.


Teaching exercises are done afterwards to work on issues needed to improve the dance. The class concludes with a review of all material seen and a summary of the technical aspects that will be worked on in the practices.

Tracking the Student's progress:

The teacher also writes notes on particular physical needs of students so they can be worked on later in the Private Practice / Training- Yoga.

Milgonas & Tango Halls: You will be provided with recommendations each evening on which Milongas and Tango halls to visit. Here you will have the opportunity to put into practice what has been learnt during the day. At the Milongas, there will be group classes that you will be able to take to develop further.

Included Day trips:

Tigre Delta & Cruise

Far North of Buenos Aires you find the Parana Delta, Tigre Delta (called simply Tigre), a group of islands, natural reserve and wildlife. River, channels, big trees, fruits and nice houses, boats, wharf and healthy life are found everywhere. It is one of the few touristic Deltas in the world and chosen destination for many people in the weekends.

Today we take you one a guided tour of this area during which time you will enjoy.

Daytrip to Colonia De Uruguay with guided tour

On the other side of the Rio del Plata, is located Colonia. You will take a fast ferry to pass a relaxing day is this small historic town that has been declared of Historical national interest by UNESCO. Founded by the Portuguese in 1680, a visit to this town will take you back in time to this colonial period.

Today’s activities will include:

Day 10: Departure (B)

Transfer to Airport to take flight home